Covid 19 – Update

ON BEHALF OF THE RBHP COMMITTEE. After much deliberation and due to the Corona Virus Level 4 announcement that ALL essential travel should cease and people must stay home, the camp is now in lockdown. Please do not go to the camp during the nation wide lockdown.

Covid 19

At today’s committee meeting the rapidly changing issue of Covid 19 was discussed.
IF you are considering self isolating at the camp please only do so if you have toilet and washing facilities on your site. If you do not have a toilet or shower on your site please consider other options and do not come to the camp. It is also important that you avoid all other communal areas such as the kitchen, laundry, library and hall.
In these difficult and stressful times it is important that we all do our bit and follow the advice given.
We are closely following Ministry advice regarding the current situation and will advise you of any changes as we hear them.