Licence to Occupy Camp Site – Essentials

A Company, Riversdale Beach Holiday Park Limited, holds the Property on behalf of the Owners and grants Occupiers, a licence to own 1/80th share.  In exchange the Occupier agrees to do (or not do) certain things. These are:

  1.  Comply with the rules – the basic rules are set out here, the License to Occupy sets these out in details.
  2. Use their site for temporary camping facilities e.g. tents, caravans, and motorhomes.
  3. If building OR ALTERING EXISTING structures including fences:
    1. Obtain the Management Committee’s approval by providing plans BEFORE beginning to build or alter, AND,
    2. Have obtained all necessary permits and consents and comply with these, AND,
    3. If building or substantially altering, including a parking space on their site that is a minimum 2m wide by 5m long, AND,
    4. Comply with the camp site restrictions of building height, AND,
    5. Not restrict camp-ground driving and parking.
  4. Keep site and structures on it in good repair.
  5. Indemnify the Management Committee.
  6. Insure site and structures.
  7. Accept that the rights and obligations of the Licence to Occupy are delegated to the Management Committee.