Rules – Essentials

(More detail set out in the Licence to Occupy – link TBA)

By signing the Licence to Occupy Riversdale Beach Holiday Park, (which you did when you purchased a site or had one transferred to you by the Management Committee), you have agreed (and all guests/invitees of yours have also agreed) to:

  1. Comply with the direction of the Manager at all times
  2. Keep your site(s) and structures in good repair and in a clean and tidy condition
  3. Ensure your structures, caravans and motorhomes have current electrical warrants of fitness
  4. Notify the Management Committee in writing (unless urgent) of anything needing repair or maintenance or if an accident has occurred on the Property
  5. Not allow damage to the common property or other sites
  6. Drive / ride any vehicle at less than 5 km/hr on the property
  7. Not alter any structure without prior approval by the Management Committee
  8. Not be a nuisance or annoyance to any neighbor – this include noise late at night, building or renovating during the period from Christmas Eve to 31 January annually.
  9. Pick up and remove any dog droppings from your animals whether on your Site or the overall Property
  10. Pay your levies, quarterly and in advance.